About Me

Self PortraitHi, I’m Dan Silber and I build things (art, animation, and nifty interactive things).  I have had a lot of success using my technical skills to help others achieve their goals.

I was trained as a traditional painter, but began experimenting with digital media and 3D modeling in 1999.  Over time my skill set has become more and more technical as I’ve discovered new technologies and the utility that programming can offer.  I love learning new things (almost to fault) and always seem to be picking up new passions.

The biggest passion being the creation of vid30 gam3s – as they seem to weave all the things I  love best:  2D and 3D Art, Animation, Music, Design, Character Development, Architecture, Programming, Writing, and more.   

I’ve had the good fortune to have built my profession around the things that I love, having worked as an Architectural Illustrator, a Game Animator, and a Graphic Media Specialist.  I’ve been credited on a good number of commercial games,  as well as building my own independent Flash projects.  

I try my best to keep the new work that goes up here listed on the ‘What’s New’ page – so add me to you RSS if you want to keep up. 

Download my resume here.

Outside of my professional life I play shred guitar and read a lot of non-fiction.  Feel free to drop an email at dsilber(at)hotmail.com.