Considering a restructure

I’m considering a restructure of this website.

The goal would be to focus primarily on Pixel Art and on Game Development — as those are the primary direction for my professional life for the time being.

Everything would still be up online, but I’m thinking it would make sense to make some things more hidden.


High Polygon Monster


I created this guy using a tool called Sculptris, made by Pixologic (the same folks who brought us zbrush). The model has about 50,000 triangles and took only a couple of evenings to create. Sculptris is quickly become my new bff.

Workflow Charts

In an effort to mitigate my anxieties, I have been trying to better understand my work habbits – so I created these charts for reference:

Self Portrait in 3D


This was a self portrait that I did in school about 5 years ago.  I was pretty proud of it at the time, and not sure how I forgot to include it on the site.  Oh well.

You can see a model turnaround and more detailed specs here.

I did a robot image for work:

But it didn’t really work for the client – he wanted something more realistic… So I did a second pass:



I did the art test for a company called Babaroga and this is the final product I came up with. It took me a couple evenings to do. I’m not super confident that I’ll get the job, but it was really fun to make this image.